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5 Ways To Tell If Your Home Is A Good Candidate For Drone Photography In Springfield MO

Drone photography is becoming very popular in Springfield and surrounding areas of SW Missouri now that the FAA has given the green light for commercial use after proper licensing. This is especially true for real estate photos and videos. How do you know if your home is a good candidate for aerial photos and video?

1. Your home is on the lake or has a lake view - Nothing can showcase your home's value like an aerial photograph or video showcasing your home with the beautiful lake view from above. A large portion of our business is taking photos and videos of homes and properties around Table Rock Lake in Branson and Lake Taneycomo.

2. Your home is a luxury or executive property - Aerial images and video show the true value of your property and all its features.

3. Farms and ranches - Show off all the acreage, barns, outbuildings, secluded pastures, ponds, creeks, etc... from above.

4. Vacation homes - Feature your vacation home's unique amenities that make it special.

5. Commercial property - Aerial photography is great for showing off commercial property to investors, clients, website photography, or advertising.

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